Hot Women’s Planetary Defense Corps

Early comics tube-girl appearance
Flaming peril!

Fantastic Adventures published between 1939 and 1953 and rarely stinted on the sexy in its covers, as this cover by Walter Popp (1920-2002) shows, albeit perhaps a bit more subtly than many similar covers in its genre.

Interior art by Ed Emshwiller (1925-1990) illustrating Rog Phillips’s story “The Man who Lived Twice” contributes a definite Erotic Mad Science feel.

This issue of Fantastic Adventures is available to be read or downloaded at the Internet Archive.

Hat tip to Pulp Covers for bringing this issue to my attention.

2 thoughts on “Hot Women’s Planetary Defense Corps

  1. Wow that certainly is a sexy cover. Hopefully the defense corps doesn’t suffer too many casualties each year. The sitting girl all by her lonesome out looking thru the telescope seems particularly vulnerable 😉

    • We’re going to be having a little festival of classic pulp illustration here at Erotic Mad Science as the concluding part of Beware the Asylum approaches completion. I certainly hope everyone enjoys it!

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