“I’ll show you, feeble old man…”

Dirty-minded little aliens
Good to have your planet ruled by a goddess

…with my patented gender-swapping de-aging ray! Ha!

A cover by Norman Saunders for the November 1950 cover of Marvel Science Stories.

Well, that’s one possible interpretation of what’s going on here. The lush style here can only mean a cover by the great Norman Saunders for this November 1950 cover of Marvel Science Stories.

Vincent Napoli was busy with interior art on this one, giving us this tempting time-temptress.

Vincent Napoli interior illustration for Gardner Fox's story "Temptress of the Time Flow," in the November 1950 Marvel Science Stories.
“In one swift motion, Trenton twisted Thag downward.”

This issue of Marvel Science Stories is available to be read and downloaded at the Internet Archive.