Auto-Icon Concept Art V: Creature and researcher

Auto-Icon Concept Art IV: Creature viewed from the top
Auto-Icon Bonus Concept Art: Things go wrong
A researcher stands near the creature/Gynophage.

The researcher provides a sense of scale, among other things. More concept work by Rafael Suzarte, who has made any number of contributions here at Erotic Mad Science, the largest of which is the “silent” comic Beware the Asylum. If you like Rafael’s work, you can follow him on twitter at @suzarte_1 or support him on Patreon, as I do.

5 thoughts on “Auto-Icon Concept Art V: Creature and researcher

  1. The “among other things” are likely to be some nudity for the viewers and a meal for the creature.

  2. It says it wants to convert to Judaism, where can we find a dozen Mohels on short notice?

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