Auto-Icon Bonus Concept Art: Things go wrong

Auto-Icon Concept Art V: Creature and researcher
Gel Girl Pamela Bonus Art: Pamela and Brenda Cover
Researching in hazmat suit under attach from the creature.

Not in the script, but Rafael felt like drawing it anyway. More concept work by Rafael Suzarte, who has made any number of contributions here at Erotic Mad Science, the largest of which is the “silent” comic Beware the Asylum. If you like Rafael’s work, you can follow him on twitter at @suzarte_1 or support him on Patreon, as I do.

3 thoughts on “Auto-Icon Bonus Concept Art: Things go wrong

  1. Nothing remotely erotic, but a great rendering! Bursting with vivid color, it’s marvelous. The blue of the suit, the multi-hued creature, it’s all a little larger than life, (BTW -anyone see the new version of “The Colour out of Space” with Nicolas Cage? It’s great and Very Vivid with otherworldly hues)
    The horror on the face of the soon to be deceased scientist is a wonder too, wonderfully executed.

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