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PAGE 68 (Four panels)

Panel 1: An imagined future panel showing Claudia carrying a cardboard box of her possessions out of an office building, escorted by a pair of security guards.

CAPTION – CLAUDIA NARRATING (1): I’ll be blackballed everywhere. My hard-earned career in science will be over.

Translation (1): Sarò rifiutata ovunque. La mia sudata carriera nella scienza sarà finita.

CAPTION – CLAUDIA NARRATING (2): That’s how things work, especially since the advent of the latest…administration.

Comment (2): “Administration” here is a way of suggesting “presidential administration,” which is that the government of the United States is culturally retrograde, probably biased against the interests of professional women and in favor of those of the very rich.

Translation (2): Ecco come funzionano le cose, soprattutto dopo l’arrivo dell’ultima… amministrazione.

Panel 2: Claudia back in the galley, brushing a strand of hair our of her eyes.

Claudia (3): And while I might not have Daphne Bosselseg’s heroic attitude about such matters, just like her, I am sure I’d rather be dead than spend a lifetime eking out a living in the twenty first-century service economy.

Translation (3): E mentre potrei non avere l’atteggiamento eroico di Daphne Bosselseg su tali argomenti, proprio come lei, sono sicuro che preferirei morire piuttosto che passare una vita a guadagnarmi da vivere nell’economia dei servizi del ventunesimo secolo.

Panel 3: Claudia taking a sip of coffee.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (4): You’re not seriously thinking of giving in to them, are you?

Translation (4): Non stai seriamente pensando di cedere, vero?

Claudia (5): Well, why not?

Translation (5): Beh perchè no?

Panel 4: Claudia making a forced smile.

Claudia (6): Feed lots of hungry children, buy lots of mosquito nets, get my name on an eldritch horror…

Translation (6): Dai da mangiare a un sacco di bambini affamati, compri molte zanzariere, e il tuo nome finisce in un orrore spettrale…

Claudia (7): And go out with a real bang.

Translation (7): E vai via con un vero botto.

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