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Claudia stürmt rechtschaffen heraus.

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PAGE 64 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View of Claudia again, realization sinking in.

Claudia (1): No.

Translation (1): Nein.

Panel 2: Claudia in the act of standing up, her face enraged.

Claudia (2): No fucking way, do you understand?

Comment (2): “Fucking” in Claudia’s dialog line here shouldn’t be translated literally. In colloquial English, used in the way Claudia is using it here, it serves purely as an intensifier (generally used by someone who is angry) to stress the point.

Translation (2): Auf gar keinen Fall, kapiert?

Panel 3: Claudia in the midst of storming past Turpentine out of the room. Turpentine has reached out to grab her sleeve, and Claudia has a hand raised to swat it away.

Turpentine (3): Claudia, please.

Translation (3): Claudia, bitte.

Claudia (4): Let go of me!

Translation (4): Lassen Sie mich los!

Panel 4: View of Hiram, sitting back in his chair and rolling his eyes.

Hiram (5): Women!

Translation (5): Frauen!

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