Bloodybits Patreon now available

Bloodybits Horror Show Appearance: Videodrome
Appearance on The Bloodybits Horror Show: Rabid
Promotional image for Eddie the Axe Jefferson's podcast The Bloodybits Horror Show.

It is my privilege to be able to announce that Eddie the Axe Jefferson, gracious host of The Bloodybits Horror Show (on which I had a recent guest appearance) has now put up a Patreon. Eddie does a lot with horror — but not just movies, it could be anything horror-related, and i suspect this podcast will be venturing afield into many realms of the dark and macabre. Not limiting his ambitions and considerable talents to podcasting, Eddie has also put up an Internet livestream for Patreon supporters with its own kind of cool content. If any of these sorts of things interest you, I urge you to get over there and show him some support. These may be tough times, but for less than the price of an espresso every month, you can help keep the blade of culture sharp and shiny. The Horror Gods thank you!