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Seminar time with Professor Lee.

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PROFESSOR LEE and about twelve undergraduates sit around a massive wooden table in a college room that bespeaks generations of wealthy alumni. The walls are mostly lined with old books in glass cases.

A seminar is in progress. On a blackboard behind Professor Lee are written the words MORTALITY AND MORALITY, WEEK 5. Student books and papers cover the massive table.

Professor Lee sits sphinxlike at the head of the table. Across from each other at the middle are LUCY CHEN TU (“TOOZIE”) and CHAD. MIRANDA sits next to Toozie. Chad is wrapping up a student presentation.


So we should conclude that if human life is a fundamental moral value, a sacrifice of human life, even if undertaken with the noble purpose of saving other lives, cannot be countenanced by a just society. Thank you.

There is a round of brief and polite applause from the undergraduates. Professor Lee nods at Chad.

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