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Chiba Moe erklärt ihren Job

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PAGE 90 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Chiba, standing at the top of the tank, quite wet still in her one-piece bathing suit, being interviewed.

Chiba (1): 私は海事センターでショーを演じるために、私の県出身の別の若い女性と一緒に雇われました。

SUBTITLE (2): I was hired along with other young women from my prefecture to put on shows at the Maritime Center.

Comment (2): If the target language for translation is Japanese, the translator need not provide translations of Japanese dialog unless he or she wishes to make suggestions for improvement (the existing Japanese dialog is translated from the “subtitles,” which were what was actually written.

Translation (2): Ich wurde zusammen mit anderen jungen Frauen aus meiner Präfektur angeheuert, um im Maritime Center Shows zu veranstalten.

CAPTION (3): Chiba Moe, Marine Center show worker.

Translation (3): Chiba Moe, Marine Center Show-Mitarbeiterin.

Panel 2: Incorporated photograph from http://www.erosblog.com/2008/12/16/nude-pearl-diver/

CAPTION – CHIBA NARRATING (4): 私たちはみな、海女 (真珠貝を採る女性潜水士) の村の出身なので、水中で働く素晴らしい伝統があります。

SUBTITLE (5): We are all from villages of ama (women pearl divers), so we have a great tradition of working underwater.

Translation (5): Wir kommen alle aus den Dörfern der Ama (Perlentaucherinnen), daher haben wir eine große Tradition der Unterwasserarbeit.

Panel 3: “Still photograph” of a group of other divers, also attractive young Japanese women in swimsuits just like Chiba’s, standing at the base of the tank and posed in a group. All are smiling, and one has raised her hand in a “V” sign.

CAPTION – CHIBA NARRATING (6): 私たちのグループがあり、餌やりショーを行うために、一緒に働いています。とても人気です。

SUBTITLE (7): There is a group of us. We work together to put on feeding shows. They’re very popular.

Translation (7): Wir sind eine Gruppe. Wir arbeiten zusammen an den Fütterungsshows. Sie sind sehr beliebt.

Panel 4: Back to the interview. Chiba is grinning.

Chiba (8): 私は本当に自分の仕事が好きです。

SUBTITLE (9): I really like my job.

Translation (9): Ich mag den Job wirklich sehr.

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