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Женщина съедается, переваривается, взрывается.

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PAGE 39 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Something like a giant beach ball blowing up into the tank where Hiram dropped the capsule.


Translation (1): БУММ!

Panel 2: Hiram pointing to a projected slide. It shows a silhouette of a woman in profile. In the middle of the silhouette, mapped out in white space, is a representation of her digestive tract. A dotted line from her mouth down to her stomach indicates the path that the capsule has presumably taken. Hiram is pointing at a little capsule shown resting in her stomach.

CAPTION – UNSEEN INTERVIEWER (2): How is that supposed to help you capture the creature?

Translation (2): Как это поможет вам поймать чудовище?

Hiram (3): Simple, really. Our subject swallows the capsule at the start of the exercise.

Translation (3): Очень просто. Девушка проглатывает капсулу.

Panel 3: Hiram pointing to another projection. It is a large silhouette of the outline of the creature (or what the research team thinks it looks like anyway). There is a similar white space representing the creature’s digestive tract, and in the middle of that tract, another silhouette of a woman. There is also another dotted line showing the path that the woman took from the mouth of the siphon down to the creature’s stomach.

Hiram (4): In the course of her interaction with the creature, the subject will be ingested and then subsequently digested.

Translation (4): В процессе взаимодействия с животным, объект будет проглочен, а затем переварен.

Panel 4: Another projection, this time showing the creature, change will be detected by but with a FWOOM in the middle of its digestive tract.

Hiram (5): At a sufficiently advanced stage of the digestion of the subject, the chemical change will be detected by the sensors, setting off the explosive charge.

Translation (5): На достаточно поздней стадии переваривания объекта сенсоры зарегистрируют химические изменения и взорвут заряд.

Hiram (6): We believe the resulting explosion will both stun the creature and, by changing its buoyancy, force it to the surface, where it can be collected.

Translation (6): В результате вызванного взрыва животное будет оглушено и, вследствие изменения коэффициента плавучести, всплывет на поверхность, где мы сможем его подобрать.

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