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Клаудия справедливо негодует.

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PAGE 64 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View of Claudia again, realization sinking in.

Claudia (1): No.

Translation (1): Нет.

Panel 2: Claudia in the act of standing up, her face enraged.

Claudia (2): No fucking way, do you understand?

Translation (2): Не выйдет, понятно?

Panel 3: Claudia in the midst of storming past Turpentine out of the room. Turpentine has reached out to grab her sleeve, and Claudia has a hand raised to swat it away.

Turpentine (3): Claudia, please.

Translation (3): Клаудия, пожалуйста.

Claudia (4): Let go of me!

Translation (4): Пустите меня!

Panel 4: View of Hiram, sitting back in his chair and rolling his eyes.

Hiram (5): Women!

Translation (5): Женщины!

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