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Toozie reveals the scene of the Sacrifice being eaten by the gynophae.

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Toozie hands the phone back to Joe. It has the Gynophage photograph Toozie found before.


Most of the art is pretty crudely drawn, but this isn’t anyone’s illustration. It’s a photograph, taken from life. Probably taken by a cop with a cellphone. Why it got posted I have no idea. Maybe someone was trying to leak something. Or maybe they guy was just the right kind of pervert with something neat to show to his friends.

The Bartender brings a bit plate of boneless wings and sets it between Joe and Toozie.


(with forced cheer)

You enjoy these now.


The camera that made this picture encoded metadata into it that included both the date and time of the photograph as well as G-P-S coordinates for where the photo was taken. Very handy if you want to keep your photo collection organized.

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