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Bad tentacle monster.  Bad!

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Two grabber tentacles shoot forth with great speed, and each grabs Toozie by one of the arms. They yank her upwards, about a foot off the floor.

Toozie GASPS and WHIMPERS. She opens her mouth as if to scream, but a phallic tentacle shoots its way forward and into her mouth. It thrusts back and forth in a rape-like act. Toozie GURGLES as if trying to speak but gagged.

A cutter tentacle stabs Toozie in the lower abdomen above the right hip, then slices across her abdomen, making a deep incision across Toozie’s body. Blood and then viscera spill out of Toozie, their redness vivid against the white surroundings.

A hard gurgle as Toozie fights but fails to scream.

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