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La malapero de belaj flegistinoj estis kovrita de la Mararmeo.

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PAGE 14 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Hazel in interview pose, now slumped backwards.

Hazel (1): And she wasn’t the only one. Two more of us also disappeared in almost exactly the same way.

Translation (1): Kaj ŝi ne estis la sola. Du pliaj inter ni ankaŭ malaperis laŭ preskaŭ samaj cirkonstancoj.

Panel 2: A fat folder containing official reports, sealed and with a large stenciled word CLASSIFIED stamped across it

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (2): The Navy ordered us not to talk about it. They said it would be bad for morale.

Translation (2): La Mararmeo ordonis, ke ni ne parolu pri tio. Ili diris, ke tio estos malbona por la etoso.

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (3): People asked fewer questions about orders back then, you know.

Translation (3): La homoj tiam malpli demandis pri ordonoj, vi scias.

Panel 3: A panel showing the Bride’s dive in the water, as if taken from the Scelleratini film of 1905, a split second after the scene on Page 5, Panel 4 above, such that the Bride has broken the surface of the water, and has submerged down to her waist.

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (4): I tried not to think of it much myself, but in the late 1970s, I think, I saw a film clip of film made by some Italian people of the same place from long, long ago. I think it was on PBS late at night.

Translation (4): Mi provis ne pensi tro multe pri tio, sed en la fino de la 1970-aj, mi kredas, mi spektis pecon de filmo farita de italoj en tiu sama loko, multajn, multajn jarojn antaŭe. Mi kredas, ke tio estis ĉe la publika kanalo PBS, malfrue en la nokto.

Panel 4: A panel showing a front page of the Dallas Morning News for Tuesday, October 6, 1981. A large part of the front page would be a posed formal picture of PHOEBE PETROBUX (a very pretty and probably blond teenager, who we’ll see more of below) under the headline TEXAS TEEN STILL MISSING IN SOUTH PACIFIC. (Possible filler headlines, taken from real world history for that day that could be included for verisimilitude, could be RAOUL WALLERBERG MADE HONORARY U.S. CITIZEN and REVEREND SUN MYUNG MOON INDICTED FOR TAX EVASION).

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (5): And then we all read that terrible story about the poor girl from Texas.

Translation (5): Kaj tiam ni legis tiun teruran historion pri la kompatinda knabino el Teksaso.

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