Logaĵo — 42-a paĝo

Logaĵo — 41-a paĝo
Logaĵo — 43-a paĝo
La longe atendata ekveturo al la sudaj maroj.

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PAGE 42 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Eliza standing at the boarding counter for an international flight, with Daphne behind her. A GATE AGENT is checking Eliza’s documents prior to her boarding.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): At long last the preparations were made. The volunteers boarded a flight for Southeast Asia…

Translation (1): Finfine la preparoj estis pretaj. La volontulinoj enaviadiliĝis al Suda Azio…

Panel 2: Eliza and Daphne sitting side-by-side in large, first-class seats in a first-class cabin. Eliza is holding a flute of champagne and Daphne is reading a book.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): The benefactor behind the expedition arranged for them to travel first class.

Translation (2): La bonfaranto malantaŭ la ekspedicio provizis al ili unuaklasajn flugbiletojn.

Panel 3: Claudia in coach class, crammed into the middle seat of three between Hiram and another passenger. Hiram looks like he’s trying to get Claudia’s attention, perhaps even hitting on her. The other passenger, a FAT MAN, has gone to sleep. Claudia stares forward with Stoic resignation.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (3): Most of the other specialists on the expedition had to travel in coach.

Translation (3): Plej multaj aliaj fakuloj de la ekspedicio devis vojaĝi en la ŝparklaso.

Panel 4: Eliza, followed by Daphne, followed by Claudia, walking up the gangway to the RV Seagoon. Eliza is wearing her typical thin cotton shirt and skirt, Daphne is in denim shorts and a T-shirt, and Claudia is in a conservative white button-down short-sleeved shirt and a dark skirt. All three are carrying bags, with Claudia’s being by far the largest.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (4): After arriving in Singapore, volunteers and crew board the research vessel RV Seagoon for their venture in the South Seas.

Translation (4): Alveninte al Singapuro, volontulinoj kaj la skipo iris en la esplorŝipon RV Seagoon por sia aventuro en la sudaj maroj.

 Logaĵo (Esperanto/Longpaĝa versio)
Logaĵo (Esperanto/Diapozitivila versio)

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