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Eliza ŝatas esti subakve; Dafno restas decida.

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PAGE 41 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Eliza, about half climbed out of the tank, water dripping off her. A TECHNICIAN is pulling off one of her sensors. Eliza is smiling broadly.

Eliza (1): That’s just the most amazing thing, being underwater for all that time. I’ve never felt anything so peaceful.

Translation (1): Tio estas simple plej imprese, esti subakve dum tiom da tempo. Mi neniam sentis ion tiel pacan.

Panel 2: Eliza standing outside the tank, all of her sensors now removed, toweling off but still wearing her one-piece suit.

Eliza (2): I can’t wait to do that naked in the open ocean.

Translation (2): Mi apenaŭ povas atendi fari tion nuda en la maro.

Panel 3: Daphne, back being interviewed in the coffeehouse.

Daphne (3): Back out? No way.

Translation (3): Retroiri? Tute ne.


Translation (4): Tamen…

Daphne (5): But what? But I’m going to be immortal if I don’t go through with this?

Translation (5): Tamen kio? Tamen ĉu mi fariĝos senmorta se mi ne daŭros en tio?

Panel 4: Closer-in view of Daphne’s face. She looks deadly serious.

Daphne (6): None of us has the choice as to whether to die. We can only make it sooner, or maybe just a little later.

Translation (6): Neniu el ni havas la elekton kiam morti. Ni povas nur fruigi tion aŭ eble malfruigi iomete.

Daphne (7): And we can try to attach meaning to death. That’s what I’m doing here.

Translation (7): Kaj ni povas provi aldoni sencon al la morto. Tion mi faras tie ĉi.

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