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Momento por granda decido

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PAGE 44 (Single panel page)

Single panel: View in the galley of the ship, probably from a high angle as this is likely to be a fairly long, narrow space. Turpentine is prominent. He’s dressed as if for a special occasion, wearing a jacket and a bow tie. Eliza and Daphne are both prominent. Among the other people in the galley should be the other characters we’ve seen so far, including Captain Drummingdale, Hiram, and Claudia. There should be others – various ship’s officers and other scientists, that sort of people. Drummingdale is holding a small coin up for everyone to view.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): As the RV Seagoon approaches the island of Motofupo, there is a dramatic moment.

Translation (1): Dum RV Segoon alproksimiĝas al la insulo Motofupo, estas drama momento.

Turpentine (2): All right, people, now comes the moment when we decide. We are going to determine which of our brave volunteers goes first. We shall flip this twenty-dollar gold coin.

Translation (2):. Bone, homoj, nun venas la momento kiam ni decidu. Ni devas difini kiun el niaj bravaj volontulinoj iru kiel la unua. Ni devas suprenĵeti tiun ĉi 20-dolaran ormoneron.

 Logaĵo (Esperanto/Longpaĝa versio)
Logaĵo (Esperanto/Diapozitivila versio)