Apprendre le français LV: Appât Page 58

PAGE 58 (Four panels)

Daphne, leaning back a bit.

Daphne (1): So what gives? Is it that they were men and I’m a woman who should be staying home in the kitchen and popping out babies?

Comment (1): “So what gives?” Colloquial American English expression that means something like “What are you trying to say?” but with an edge of skepticism or even hostility.

Translation (1): Alors quoi ? Est-ce parce que c’étaient des hommes et que je suis une femme qui devrait rester à la maison pour cuisiner et pouponner les enfants ?

Daphne (2): If that’s what you think, go fuck yourself, you sexist piece of shit.

Translation (2): allez vous faire voir, enfoiré de machiste.

Panel 2: Daphne, with a finger raised.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (3): Perhaps there’s a difference between a chance of death and what looks like a certainty of…

Translation (3): Peut-être existe-t-il une différence entre le fait de risquer de mourir et de mourir certainement…

Daphne (4): Yes, well I have an answer to that as well.

Translation (4): Oui, j’ai une réponse à cette question également.

Panel 3: An abstract representation showing Daphne, wearing a classical toga, holding a line in space which is labeled at its endpoints “0” and “1.”

CAPTION – DAPHNE NARRATING (5): “Certainty” isn’t metaphysically special. It’s just the endpoint of a continuum of probabilities.

Translation (5): La « certitude » n’est pas métaphysiquement spéciale. C’est juste l’extrémité d’un continuum de probabilités.

CAPTION – DAPHNE NARRATING (6): So where does “insanity” begin? At p = 0.5? 0.7? 0.999? Can you defend any principled answer to that question?

Translation (6): Alors, où commence la « folie » ? À p = 0,5 ? 0,7 ? 0,999 ? Pouvez-vous justifier toute réponse de principe à cette question ?

Panel 4: Close-in on Daphne’s determined-looking face.

Daphne (7): If not, then shut up and let me get on with what I need to do.

Translation (7): Si non, alors taisez-vous et laissez-moi faire ce que je dois faire.

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Apprendre le français LIV: Appât Page 57

PAGE 57 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Daphne, sitting in a cabin on the RV Seagoon (porthole visible behind her), being interviewed.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (1): You have to know that there’s been a lot of mail, and a lot of chatter on social media, to the effect that you’re crazy, that you’re unstable, that you’re suicidal, that someone should stop you, and so on.

Translation (1): Vous devez savoir qu’il y a eu beaucoup de courrier, et beaucoup de discussions sur les médias sociaux disant que vous êtes folle, instable, suicidaire, que l’on devrait vous arrêter, etc.

Daphne (2): Yes, I know about all that. And I have something to say.

Translation (2): Oui, je suis au courant de tout cela. Et j’ai quelque chose à dire.

Panel 2: Adapted photograph of the Scott Antarctic party. A version can be found at (Accessed March 5, 2017)

CAPTION – DAPHNE NARRATING (3): For centuries, men have set out on expeditions to advance human knowledge.

Translation (3): Pendant des siècles, les hommes ont mené des expéditions pour faire progresser le savoir.

CAPTION – DAPHNE NARRATING (4): Some of these expeditions were extraordinarily dangerous. They had to know in some cases that the odds that they would survive were quite poor.

Translation (4): Certaines de ces expéditions furent extrêmement dangereuses. Ils devaient savoir que dans certains cas leurs probabilités de survie étaient plutôt minces.

Panel 3: Adapted photograph of the crew of Apollo 1. A version can be found at (Accessed March 5, 2017).

CAPTION – DAPHNE NARRATING (5): Even in more modern times, men have undertaken exploratory ventures that they knew posed a lethal risk.

Translation (5): Même plus récemment, les hommes ont effectué des explorations qu’ils savaient potentiellement mortelles.

Panel 4: Daphne leaning forward, intently.

Daphne (6): And do you know what? No one wrote about how these men were crazy unstable bitches who needed to be stopped for their own good.

Translation (6): Et vous savez quoi ? Personne n’a dit de ces hommes qu’ils étaient des malades instables devant être arrêtés pour leur propre bien.

Daphne (7): Instead, they were celebrated as heroes.

Translation (7): Au lieu de cela, ils ont été célébrés comme des héros.

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Apprendre le français LIII: Appât Page 56

PAGE 56 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine at the head of the table, looking grumpy.

Turpentine (1): Yes. That may well be.

Translation (1): Oui. C’est peut-être le cas.

Panel 2: Hiram, with a crooked grin.

Hiram (2): Well, we could always set it higher and try again.

Translation (2): Eh bien, nous pouvons l’augmenter et essayer de nouveau.

Panel 3: Daphne, who is sitting at the table, with a wide-eyed expression.

Panel 4: Daphne again, with a slightly calmer expression.

Daphne (3): So, I guess I’m going in after all.

Translation (3): Je crois donc que cela va être mon tour.

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Apprendre le français LII: Appât Page 55

PAGE 55 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View of the RV Seagoon, lit up against the night sky.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): Back on the RV Seagoon, things are not going well.

Translation (1): À bord du RV Seagoon, les choses ne vont pas bien.

Panel 2: View on the bridge of the Seagoon, with Captain Drummingdale and Professor Turpentine looking over the shoulders of two sailors who are looking at monitors. On the darkened bridge, the illumination on faces comes from these monitors.

Turpentine (2): How long has it been?

Translation (2): Cela fait combien de temps ?

Drummingdale (3): Thirteen hours, Professor.

Translation (3): Treize heures, professeur.

Turpentine (4): You’re running every possible sweep?

Translation (4): Vous avez balayé toutes les zones ?

Drummingdale (5): Nothing but calm sea out there.

Translation (5): Rien qu’une mer calme.

Panel 3: View of a frustrated-looking Turpentine standing at the head of the table in the ship’s galley.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (6): After forty-eight hours, Professor Turpentine concludes that their first attempt has failed.

Translation (6): Après 48 quarante-huit heures, le professeur Turpentine conclut que leur première tentative a échoué.

Turpentine (7): No sign of a detonation at all.

Translation (7): Aucun signe de détonation.

Panel 4: Hiram, sitting among other crew at the table in the mess.

Hiram (8): Perhaps we had the capsule sensor setting set too low.

Translation (8): Peut-être que le réglage du capteur était trop bas.

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Apprendre le français LI: Appât Page 54

PAGE 54 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Closer-up view of Eliza. Almost all the tentacles are gone from her now, leaving just her being sucked still further into the feeding siphon. Her breasts are pushed up, compressed by the comparative narrowness of the siphon.

CAPTION – FUZZY BOX INDICTING RECOVERED SPEECH (1): …I love it zzt love it…pop…I love it…fwwwt…

Translation (1): …c’est bon…j’adore zzt pop…oh oui…fwwwt…

SUBTITLE (2): Magnified and enhanced drone footage.

Translation (2): Film en mode zoom.

Panel 2: Final close-up view of Eliza. Only her head now protrudes from the feeding siphon.


Translation (3): …au revoir…

SUBTITLE (4): Magnified and enhanced drone footage.

Translation (4): Film en mode zoom.

Panel 3: Eliza’s head had just been sucked into the feeding siphon. A largish bubble has erupted forth from the siphon’s end.


Translation (5): Bloop!

SUBTITLE (6): Magnified and enhanced drone footage.

Translation (6): Film en mode zoom.

Panel 4: A panel shaded from light to dark top to bottom (indicating light being filtered out as the ocean gets deeper). At the very bottom of the panel we can see the creature’s feeding siphon protruding.

SUBTITLE (7): Recovered drone footage.

Translation (7): Film récupéré du drone.

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