Good to have your planet ruled by a goddess

Robert Gibson Jones cover of Amazing Stories, December 1945.

I realize that it looks liked the Used Magazines Patrol is coming for this lady, but really it’s a Robert Gibson Jones cover for Amazing Stories, December 1945. An interior illustration by Julian S. Krupa and accompanying text makes what’s going on clearer.

“Lorl stared….such wondrous magnificence, such lovely damsels, such luxury–“

This issue of Amazing Stories is available to read and download from the Internet Archive.

Don’t mess with Jegga

There’s a lot going on in this cover to the November 1943 issue of Amazing Stories, painted by prolific Chicago-based pulp artist Robert Gibson Jones (1889-1969), but possibly the stronger motivation is this interior illustration — amazingly uncredited — for Helmar Lewis’s story “The Aura of Death,” about a mad scientist who implants a woman’s soul in to a dog, or something. As an illustration it’s about as exemplary of the concept of “erotic mad science” as anything not involving a naked girl in a tube.

This edition of Amazing Stories is available to read and download from the Internet Archive.

Women creators

As long as we’re doing some role reversals here…

A lady scientist (mad I hope!) graces the October 1943 cover of Fantastic Adventures. She was painted by Robert Gibson Jones (1889-1969). The story which I believe it is illustrating, Frank Patton’s “Jewels of the Toad,” has an interior illustration by Virgil Finaly, which is typically exquisite.

Women creating seems to have been a theme for this issue. Florence Magarian was called upon to do an illustration for Don Wilcox’s “World of Paper Dolls,” about a girl who makes people. (The image below is my composite across two pages).

Mrs. Magarian also illustrated William P. McGiven’s “Tink fights the Gremlins,” a story that has (apparently) painting fairies.

This issue is available for reading and download at the Internet Archive.

Be warned, however, that this issue contains a story titled “Mystery of the Creeping Underwear.” No joke.