Aprender español XL: Carnada 097-100

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PAGE 97 (Three panels)

Panel 1: Underwater robot removing the cuff from the Creature’s feeding siphon.

CAPTION (1): And so, within a few days…

Translation (1): Y entonces, dentro de unos pocos días…

Panel 2: Chiba standing naked on a diving platform over the tank.

Panel 3: Chiba in mid-air in her dive into the tank, just about to break the surface of the water.

PAGE 98 (Single panel montage, color)

Single panel montage: At artist’s montage of Chiba becoming progressively tentacle sexed-up.

PAGE 99 (Single panel montage, color)

Single panel montage: Artist’s discretion showing Chiba going down the Creature’s feeding siphon.

PAGE 100 (Two panels)

Panel 1: A larger panel comprising most of the page. A man sitting on a simple chain on the floor of the Marine Institute, watching the very special show. He is wearing a suit, and we can see through his suit pants that he has a massive erection.

Panel 2: Smaller, inset, showing light on the face of the man, who we can now see (due to the prominence of his Distinguishing Feature) is Barron Petrobux, Jr. The face shows a blissed-out expression.

CAPTION (1): The end.

Translation (1): FIN.


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