Tumblr favorite #2789: Watch out, Kit Carter!

My original tumblr post was here. This image was originally posted on tumblr by Vintage Geek Culture with an attribution to Aaron Lopesti, an artist for whom I haven’t been able to find too much on the web, although there is a Pinterest gallery here.

Note also: an almost realistic-looking space costume for once.

Tumblr favorite #2785: I guess I’ll never understand space costumes

My original tumblr post was here. This is the December 1950 cover of Out of this World Adventures, a pulp magazine that was edited by Donald A. Wolheim and appears to have only had two issues; the ISFDB entry for the magazine is here. I found the cover tweeted by Victor M. Luoma. I’ve been unable to ascertain the identity of the artist, but I did find a larger version of the same image at Retrospace.

Tumblr favorite #2780: Venus enslaved!

My original tumblr post was here. These images were originally posted on tumblr by Diabolik Diabolik and identified as being from Planet Stories #11, 1942 (that would be Summer 1942; the ISFDB link for the issue is here), with an attribution of the cover art to Norman Saunders and the interior art to Winfield Scott Hoskins. The post comes to us via paranormallust-eroticart.

Tumblr favorite #2771: Walter Popp, pulpist

My original tumblr post was here, from a tweet by 1whoknewcthulhu. There is a gallery of pulp and men’s magazine art by Walter Popp here which I strongly encourage you to visit. If you don’t thrill to a piece illustrating “Italian Nudist Girls Who Knocked Out Germany’s Underground Tank Depot,” perhaps you should check yourself for a pulse, just to be sure.