Enhanced Sally

A Ph.D. in horribleness!
Fu Manchu, mad scientist

I don’t doubt that many, perhaps most, readers of Erotic Mad Science have at some point seen Tim Burton‘s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).   And those of you who have seen it would be surely not forget Sally, an animated ragdoll created by Halloweentown’s resident mad scientist (though perhaps in context he isn’t so mad) Dr. Finklestein.  She served as a love interest for the main protagonist and, I must say, I can think of no other cinematic character who makes stalking like quite so adorable.

Now in the context of the actual movie, Sally seems to serve Dr. Finklestein as a sort of combination ersatz daughter/houseservant.  But I recently discovered a concept art sketch of Sally…


…and that suggests that perhaps creators had some rather other ideas about the reason why Finklestein might have created Sally.  Guess that old erotic mad science really is everywhere.

An additional thought:  when Sally doesn’t work out as planned for Dr. Finklestein, he creates a new woman, whom he animates by removing half his brain and donating it to her.  “Think of the brilliant conversations we’ll have!”  Hmm.  This act rather reminds me of something.  I wonder if Derek Parfit was serving as a consultant to Tim Burton…