Asian Dyna goes tube girl

Post-Chapter One Liquid Girl III
Tentacle Fantasia

If you’re even a little like me you’ll fondly remember that Asian Dyna produced a live-action alter of herself in a very mad-science situation and posted it up — an event which it was a joy to be able to cover here at Erotic Mad Science.

Well, she dunnit again, and this time even better, ‘cuz she when went and made a tube girl out of herself. Wow!  I won’t reproduce Dyna’s work here, not because it isn’t quite fine but because I want to encourage you to head over to her blog and have a look for yourself.  I will give you a little teasing hint, though, as to the image’s contents, for not only do we get Dyna looking fabulous as always, but we get some sort of mad figure as well.  Who he is I’m not sure, although I have a sneaking suspicion that he might be related to Lon Ryden’s Little Green Bastards, particularly in this incarnation.

So head on over and show Dyna some of the love she’s earned here:  while there, you might want to browse through some of her other fantasy live-alters.  And note also that she’s doing it as part of a series of requests, so perhaps you might want to ponder that as you do.  For my part I’m full of admiration, and not just because Dyna’s lovely to look at, but also (1) because she’s doing something I strongly encourage you all to try and (2) because she’s lovely to look at, her efforts most definitely count as hedonic philanthropy.

Now if I can just get Dyna interested live-actioning up something related to  the theme of the month here at Erotic Mad Science.  (Well, maybe that’s too much to ask, but a mad scientist can dream.)