Squick or Squee week 2013 IV: A dreadful accident

Where Am I? Chapter Four, Page Twenty-Seven
Where Am I? Chapter Four, Page Twenty-Eight

Drake at Medusariffic, a tireless creator of A.S.F.R. CG comics, has long been celebrated here at Erotic Mad Science, and this year he has come up with a remarkable contribution to Squick or Squee week. Inspired by the “dreadful accident” alluded to by Iris Brockman’s one-time mad science boss Mr. Takayama, he decided to come up with a backstory of his own. It begins with a scientist in her lab…

…and proceeds to a dénoument which, if perhaps predictable, is nonetheless satisfying. You can read the entire comic here. And if it touches on themes that interest you, I strongly encourage you to visit Medusariffic, where you’ll find a vast amount of similar comics material.