Pulp Art recreations V: Lights, camera, peril!

Pulp Art recreations IV: The zap sphere
Pulp Art recreations VI: Fed into the machine


Another one by Frans Mensink, showing an actress who really needs to fire her agent.



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I originally blogged this in a post “Lights, Camera, Peril” at Infernal Wonders, but that post lacked much in the way of provenance. A little subsequence Internet research shows that the source of the illustration is the April 1936 cover of Saucy Movie Tales by the prolific American pulp artist Norman Saunders (1907-1989). This appears to be the unredacted cover:


Found in this gallery at American Art Archives. There is a dedicated Norman Saunders site here.

The Artist

Frans Mensink has a DeviantArt site here and a professional site here.

4 thoughts on “Pulp Art recreations V: Lights, camera, peril!

    • I wish I knew.

      Someday, when my resources are adequate to the task, I shall acquire all these old pulp magazines. I shall arrange for their meticulous transfer to durable, acid-free paper. And I shall open an elegant library in some deep urban center, where all who wish to may enter and peruse our pulp heritage.

      And I might be able to answer questions like “what on earth is this pulp cover about?”

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