Pulp Art recreations XV: Lash the librarian!

Pulp Art Recreations XIV: Grabber
Pulp Art recreations XVI: Rocketman abduction


An entry from a long-contributing CG artist KristinF.



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I don’t exactly know the provenance of the illustration, but it appears to be part of a large series of BDSM-related novels written under the name “Nathan Silvers” available here, so if you want to add Daisy-Chain Cheerleaders or Hung Strung Houseguest to your library along with Lash the Librarian, don’t let me stop you. I blogged this image originally in a post “Lash the Librarian!” at Infernal Wonders.

The Artist

KristinF has a DeviantArt site here and an additional, possibly more explicit site here.