2015 Squick or Squee Week I: A Gift to Septimo

Bonus Bespoke Art: More Lucinda the Librarian
2015 Squick or Squee Week II: HALO Seat


We have two kinds of art — all of it specially commissioned for Erotic Mad Science — running as part of our annual pre-Halloween tradition of Squick or Squee week. The first two will be two new illustrations by DMFO, both pulp art recreations. This one is “A Gift to Septimo.”



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I originally blogged this image in a post “When sex came to Septimo” at Hedonix. It was originally an illustration to a story called “The Facts of Life,” run at Future Science Fiction, September 1952.

The Artist and a Note

DMFO has a DeviantArt site here.

A larger version of this art is expected to be published at the Internet Archive in early November.