2015 Squick or Squee Week III: Le jardin des supplices

2015 Squick or Squee Week II: HALO Seat
2015 Squick or Squee Week IV: L'homme qui a tué la mort


The Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, which existed in Paris from 1897 to 1962, provided a form of theatrical horror sufficiently impressive that its name lives on in the English language. (If someone tells you you’re in for a “grand-guignol experience,” expected to be scared, or at least shocked.) It also left behind some remarkable promotional art which strikes me as being ripe for re-creation, especially in our annual tradition of the Squick or Squee parade.

Our first entry in this part of the parade comes from CG artist KristinF, and involves suffering among the beauty of nature.



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The Artist and a Note

KristinF has a DeviantArt site here and an additional, possibly more explicit site here.

A larger version of her art is expected to be published at the Internet Archive in early November.