Pulp Art recreation: Devil Spanking by penerotic

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It is time for another one of these.


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This work was commissioned by me and done by Australian artist penerotic, who has a thing for creating adult comics — much to my delight. You can follow his work at his DeviantArt page or on his Tumblr or at Hentai foundry. And I am also sure that some of you fine and upstanding readers will want also to support him at Patreon.

The art that penerotic was sexing up for us, by the way, was the cover of the March 1930 edition of the pulp magazine Hot Stories, part of a series I reproduced two months ago at Infernal Wonders.


The additional text on penerotic’s version are the product of his fertile imagination.

2 thoughts on “Pulp Art recreation: Devil Spanking by penerotic

  1. I caught myself thinking that if the worst the woman has to endure in Hell is a spanking, she must not have sinned too badly.
    But then I realized: this guy can literally keep going FOREVER!

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