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PAGE 91 (Four panels)

Panel 1: More interview position. Chiba looks a bit more serious.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (1): あなたがやったこのようなショーは、あなたが唯一担当しているものですか?

Chiba (2): いいえ、他にもあります。

SUBTITLE – INTERVIEWER (3): Are shows like the one you just did the only ones you do?

Translation (3): Ces spectacles sont-ils les seuls que vous organisez ?

SUBTITLE – CHIBA (4): No, there are others.

Translation (4): Non, il y en a d’autres.

Panel 2: Chiba in the tank again. Two of the creatures tentacles are pulling down the straps of her one-piece swimsuit. Chiba is not resisting this action.

CAPTION – CHIBA NARRATING (5): 時々、海事センターの一般客向けの公開が終わった後に…

SUBTITLE (6): Sometimes, after the Marine Center closes to the general public…

Translation (6): Parfois, après la fermeture du centre au grand public…

Panel 3: Chiba now naked in the tank, a sucker tentacle attached to one of her nipples, her arms and legs snaked around with tentacles. Her eyes are open wide and she is looking down as if in wonder at the tentacle on her breast.

CAPTION – CHIBA NARRATING (7): ..裕福な寄付者のために、非常に特別なショーを行うことがあります。

SUBTITLE (8): …we put on some very special shows for wealthy donors.

Translation (8): …Nous organisons certains spectacles très spéciaux pour de riches donateurs.

Panel 4: A couple of middle-aged to old rich Texas dudes staring in amazement, their faces illuminated by light from the tank, the background otherwise dark.

CAPTION – CHIBA NARRATING (9): この特別なショーのために、巨額のお金を支払う人もいます。

SUBTITLE (10): Some people pay huge amounts for these special shows.

Translation (10): Certaines personnes paient des sommes énormes pour ces shows spéciaux.

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