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Tentacles, tentacles.

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Rosalie clicks again. A graphic appears on the screen showing the ends of five kinds of tentacles: “Grabber,” “Mouth,” “Eye.” “Claw,” and “Phallus.”


The external tentacles are remarkably sophisticated structures, arranged in pentagonal patterns at nine sites around the creature’s body, for forty five tentacles in all. The ones we designate “eyes” and “mouths” appear to contain various sensory organs. The grabbers allow the creature to manipulate objects in its environment, and the “claws” probably have a defensive purpose. The last category, which for want of a better term we are calling phalloi, are mysterious as to exact function.


(half under his breath)

I could imagine a function…



Keep it professional, Joe.


Sorry, Dr. Lal.

(turning toward Rosalie)

You were saying, Dr. Quisp?


But the most mysterious anatomical feature at all are broad bands on neuromuscular tissue located beneath and around the brain.

Rosalie clicks to animation showing this.


These tissues are in many ways similar to those found in electric fish, but they have some properties never before seen in the natural world. These are why I invited Dr. Albertson to join this presentation. Ernie?

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