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PAGE 96 (Two panels)

Panel 1: Chiba and three other Japanese aquarium girls (GIRL #1, GIRL #2, and GIRL #3) are sitting around a table eating lunch. Chiba is reading a letter.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): A few days later, Chiba receives a special-delivery letter.

Translation (1): Einige Tage später erhält Chiba einen besonderen Brief.

Chiba (2): 手紙には、とても裕福な寄付者が、観客1人の一度限りのとても特別なショーのお返しとして、海事センターに新館を提供すると書かれています。

Girl #1 (3): チバ、本当にはいと返事するつもりですか?

SUBTITLE – CHIBA (4): The letter says that a very wealthy donor will give the Marine Center a new wing in return for a very special, one-time-only show with an audience of one.

Translation (4): In dem Brief steht, das sein sehr reicher Spender dem Marine Center einen neuen Flügel stiften wird, wenn er eine ganz besondere Privatshow erhält.

SUBTITLE – GIRL #1 (5): Chiba, are you really going to say yes?

Translation (5): Chiba, willst du das wirklich tun?

Panel 2: Chiba, holding the letter to her breast and her eyes closed, looking very happy.

Chiba (6): はい。

Girl #2 (7): あなたには、本当にワクワクさせられま!


Translation (8): Ja.

SUBTITLE – GIRL #2 (9): We are so excited for you!

Translation (9): Wir freuen uns so für dich!

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