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Dr. Lal watches his one-time employee  get turned into a meal.

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Something happened to Rosalie, possibly an accident.


Possibly an accident?


Ernie, perhaps we should just show Harry what the security camera caught.



Ernie hits a clicker. Harry watches a blurry image of a nude Rosalie enmeshed what is apparently an amorous encounter with tentacles.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing.


At least we know what those phallus tentacles are for.

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8 thoughts on “Auto-Icon Storyboard 055

  1. You sure you don’t want to rename the site to Erotic Vore Comics? It is rather transparent that that is the core fetish you cater to with your stories. Which is fine- I just am tired of the sort of piecemeal hints that other fetishes will be catered to only to have them be footnotes in their own stories. Especially when juxtaposed with multi month storylines involving a monster eating woman after woman after woman.

    • Learning from Elders was not a vore story, and neither were the Gel Girl shorts. Nor was the short the preceded Learning from Elders, “Satin Doll.” Going a little further back in history from that, neither were Vinnie Tesla’s Infinity Choice or Beware the Asylum.


      The next story likely to appear here (it has been written and is being drawn now, “Summer at the Sea,” is not a vore story either.

      • But I’m also supposed to ignore the multi chapter sea monster vore story that you keep posting in every language known to man?

        • Would be nice to have those posted on their own dedicated page, so I don’t have to scroll past them *every day*.

        • I do. I can see an argument for segregating the translation out of the main feed, and just posting once at the start of a new translation, and then periodically to remind people who can read the right language that the translation has reached some milestone. But in the end its Dr. Faustus’ site!

          • I would prefer you be more honest about what fetishes you are trying to cater to, frankly. I have nothing against your personal tastes- I do take umbrage with the fact that you promise to cater to a lot of things but when writing its clear you only find certain fetishes appealing. I am a statue fetishist and I eagerly awaited the return to Ashley Madder only to have there be a statue involved in an unrelated plot.

            The juxtaposition of this when I look at your other stories, it becomes obvious what you actually find appealing. I would recommend actually talking to someone with the fetish in question that you are trying to explore with a story than assuming you know how to set it up yourself. If, indeed, you have any desire to appeal to those fetishes. Its perfectly fine if you don’t have a desire to appeal to anyone but yourself by the way, I would just appreciate honesty in what you are attempting to accomplish so I don’t get my hopes up when I arrive here each night.

  2. Really nice storyboard here! Fun seeing a wide angle of the scene, with each article of Rosalie’s clothing visible behind her. Nice heels too!

    Hope she had a fun (final) ride 😉

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