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Eliza Fanshaw ŝatas ion pli ol kio ajn - kaj tio estas seksumado!

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PAGE 3 (Four panels)

Panel 1: ELIZA FANSHAW (“Eliza”) sits in a big wicker chair in a kind of hippie-ish apartment. She’s a bubbly-sexy blond girl. She wears thin cotton tie-dyed shirt that stretches a bit over her breasts (she’s obviously braless) and a floral skirt and sandals. Her posture indicates she’s being interviewed.

Eliza (1): People ask me, “What on earth do you think you’re doing, Eliza?” and “Don’t you know you have your whole life ahead of you?”

Translation (1): Oni demandas al mi “Kion damne vi kredas fari, Eliza?” kaj “Ĉu vi konscias, ke vi havas vian tutan vivon antaŭ vi?”

Eliza (2): And I see their point but, the thing is, about me…

Translation (2): Kaj mi komprenas ilian vidpunkton, sed temas pri mi…

SUBTITLE (3): Eliza Fanshaw, prospective subject.

Translation (3): Eliza Fanshaw, kandidatino.

Panel 2: Close-up on Eliza’s smiling face, which should emphasize that she has a cute little snub nose.

Eliza (4): …is that I think that the most amazing thing about being alive…

Translation (4): …nu mi kredas, ke la plej mirinda afero en la vivo…

Elize (5): … is sex!

Translation (5): …estas seksumado!

Panel 3: View of Eliza (in very soft focus, to the point that we can scarcely identify her as Eliza) naked, seen from behind on top of a guy).

CAPTION – ELIZA NARRATING (6): I’m not supposed to say things like this, but ever since I was fifteen, I have been seeking out sexual adventure.

Translation (6): Mi ne devus diri ion tian, sed depost mia 15-jaraĝo mi daŭre serĉas seksaventurojn.

CAPTION – ELIZA NARRATING (7): I’ve even acted in some experimental adult films, just to see what it would be like.

Translation (7): Mi eĉ rolis en kelkaj eksperimentaj pornaj filmoj, nur por kontroli la sperton.

Panel 4: Eliza, back in the same pose as in Panel 1.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (8): And what was it like?

Translation (8): Kaj kiel ĝi estis?

Eliza (9): It was awesome!

Translation (9): Nekredeble!

Eliza (10): But I don’t think anything could compare with those movies I saw in Anthro.

Translation (10): Sed mi ne kredas, ke tio estas komparebla al tiuj filmoj, kiujn mi spektis en antropologia kurso.

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