Bloodybits Podcast appearance: The Fly

It is with great pleasure that I can announce my appearance with Eddie the Axe and Tim Yobo discussing David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986). If you’re a really long-time reader of this site, you’ll know that this movie has been a fave of mine for just about always, and we had a grand old time discussing it.

You can get this episode of The Bloodybits Podcast via this page at Eddie’s site or simply by searching for “Bloodybits” on your podcast app of choice. And don’t forget that I’m serious about my swag offer at the end of the ‘cast. If you have a postal address you’re comfortable sharing, I’ll send you some swag.

Appearance on The Bloodybits Horror Show: Rabid

Artwork by Lucy Fidelis

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that my second appearance on Eddie the Axe’s Bloodybits Horror Show where Eddie, Tim Yobo, and I get to discuss David Cronenberg’s early body-horror entry Rabid. We had a lot of fun with this one (it’s always fun with those guys), discussing what body horror is, the continuing relevance of Sigmund Freud in interpreting horror, and how Marilyn Chambers turned out to be a far better actor than most people would have expected. You can listen to or find a place to download the entire episode on this page. Enjoy (but do pray that it doesn’t happen to you).

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Bloodybits Horror Show Appearance: Videodrome

Videodrome promotional art by Lucy Fidelis

It is a privilege and a pleasure to announce another guest podcast appearance, this time on Eddie “the Axe” Jefferson’s new audio venture The Bloodybits Horror Show, on which we discuss David Cronenberg’s 1983 masterpiece Videodrome. Ever been scared at the thought at what’s really being beamed onto your screen? You should be. I conjecture at some length about a what I think is the underlying psychological mechansim that makes movies like Videodrome (and so much of the rest of Cronenberg’s oeuvre) so compelling. Eddie compellingly narrates gory detail after gory detail.

You can access this episode via its episode page or you can simply subscribe to Bloodbybits via your podcast app of choice.