Pulp Art Recreations XIV: Grabber


Lon Ryden asks himself who will prosper after the apocalypse, and the answer appears to be they that have tanks with giant mechanical grabber things.



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The cover of Thrilling Wonder Stories (Spring 1946), painted by Earle Bergey (1901-1952). This artist has an entry at The Field Guide to American Pulp artists here, a page at the American Art Archives here, and there is an official site (listed as “coming soon”) here. A little additional provenance on the image can be found in the post “Attack of the gown-shredding robot” at Infernal Wonders.

The Artist

Lon Ryden is the illustrator of, among many other things, the Tales of Gnosis College and We Must Boost the Signal. He has a DeviantArt site here and a professional site here.