Metrobay’s Pleasure Island

Dr. Robo of Metrobay Comix has been a longtime friend of our enterprise over here, and work done by him and his group has often graced these pages in the past — see examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Well, they never rest over there at Metrobay, and I’ve recently had the enjoyable experience of reading what is possibly their most complex sequence of erotic mad science episodes yet: Pleasure Island.

The Metrobay creators are taking off from a classic of mad science in this 300+ page story, and in it they’ll be testing the limits of individual plasticity in ways that would have made old H.G. Wells blow a fuse. Our story begins with a Metrobay woman accepting an invitation for a cruise to Pleasure Island. (In the fictional world of Metrobay, where mind-control technologies are ubiquitous, it’s not an invitation she’s metaphysically free to decline.) Meanwhile, aboard the yacht maintained by scientific genius “Dr. Brust,” various transformations are being performed on the lovelies of Metrobay, either at the behest of her various obscenely wealthy patrons or just to gratify her own unusual and aggressive desires.

And boy howdy does our (anything-but-) good doctor manage to come up with some amazing tranformations. I could scarcely do justice to them all in single post, but perhaps I tantalize people who enjoy the sort of thing that has gone on in the Tales of Gnosis College. Dear readers, can you perhaps guess at what is going to happen next here? (Hint: remember how Jireen came into being?



Or consider what’s happening here. This one hasn’t appeared in the Tales (yet), but it should be visual fuel for some interesting speculation as to what’s going to happen to our strapped-down heroine.

Pleasure Island 172

Are the events on the cruise to Pleasure Island a bit scary, perhaps? Well, don’t try to run away. You’ll only make it harder on yourself.




And there’s a lot more, so if this is the sort of thing that appeals, by all means head over to Metrobay Comix and take out a subscription. It’s will be a cruise to pleasure, for sure.

Rule 34 Report: Slime Transformations

A while back I commissioned KristinF to do a sequence called Goo Girl Genesis, in which a human woman was transformed — via mad science, naturally — into a a living gel or goo in a female shape. I was playing with a trope known as the “goo girl” or “slime girl.” Since I have a healthy curiosity abot the weird, I naturally wondered whether there were any other examples of this sort of narrative out there. Well, if it can be found out there is a man who can find it out, and that’s Bacchus at ErosBlog with his unique, human-driven Rule 34 searches. For a very modest commission I was able to get the following lengthy report, which I have made into a post with a little bit of editing and illustration and present for your perusal and enjoyment. Bacchus’s original text (except where hyperlinked) is in red, and my occasional glosses are in black.

You asked for a full treatment on the topic of human women being transformed into slime creatures or “goo girls”, providing one example of your own:

Naked coed turned into blue goo girl

As you already know, this sort of thing is not extremely common. I was not able to come up with any organized communities of fans of this particular transformation. However, the “goo girl” and “slime girl” communities more broadly are very large and searches on these terms (plus “transformation”) have been somewhat useful. Below are some resources for those communities; these links are likely to be fruitful places for ongoing search and monitoring, and were among the starting points for finding the specific goo-girl transformation links listed later in this report:

Slime girl groups at DeviantArt:

Slime girl art at e-hentai galleries:

[Faustus notes: an eye-catching example of the genre, attributed to the artist “Kaboozle,” at the link provided above is here:]

Slime tag at

See also a discussion thread about various methods of transforming into slime girls, with reference to various slime characters from gaming and other sources:

I looked hard for, but did not find, fanfic or erotic stories with slime girl transformation elements. It’s out there; I just failed to find it I think. Nor did I have much success finding relevant movies or television.

Specific human-to-slime/goo transformation links:

Nice transformation sequence:

She’s just chugged a potion that turned her to slime, and she’s delighted:

Female slime creature is transforming a girl to be like herself:

[Faustus: an unusually appealing transformation!]

Two relevant images on this pageA furry girl gets absorbed by “the living latex” and three furry girls get transformed into a “pleasure slime.”

A sequence, girl meets slime, is turned liquid, does not survive? (best)

Nice photo-manipulation of a girl dissolving into a puddle on the floor.

[Faustus: Liquid girl by ~jese-mx. Nice indeed!]

Simple drawing, nude girl shocked to be transforming into slime.

Description and art of a sort of slime succubus who envelopes victims and converts them into slimes.

Cartoonish slime girl drawing, artist backstory involves error by mad-scientist father and her volunteering to be his test subject.

Slime girl drawing, artist backstory includes detailed prose transformation scene involving a broken crown of goo.

Sketch of a woman getting “zapped” into slime (4 views).

A few paragraphs in this prose story about a slime girl non-consensually converting her sister to a “slime neko cat girl” by rubbing slime on her.

Backfiring spell turns both target and caster into goo girls.

Notional “slime girl” person with fixed human form loses that form and starts to ooze during sexual arousal.

Bear rug turns gooey and tries to absorb girl lying on it. [Faustus: I read this as a guy.]

Slime girl in human form has sex with male person, turns him to slime and absorbs him.

Slime person of uncertain gender — female pronoun, visible penis — turns liquid, bites and liquifies sex partner, infiltrates same.

More slime person conversion/merging during sex.

Two girls are seduced and turned to slime girls by other slime girls (physical form stays fairly fixed).

[Faustus: this Spanish-language manga sequence is quite fetchingly drawn. Here is a sample:]

Slime queen eating people who will eventually be birthed into more slime girls.

Not porn, but there appears to have been a sequence in The Daring New Adventures Of Supergirl (##1-3) in which a villain named “Decay” gets turned into a brown oozing slime villain by psionic attack, before eventually being turned back again. Haven’t hunted down the comics, but you can see him in slime form on the cover of #3.

Not porn, but there’s an episode of the Power Rangers TV show that seems to feature people being transformed into slime by a potion.

Apparently there is a horror movie called Slime City in which a man eats the wrong thing and is transformed into slime, which process can be reversed (or slowed) when he murders people.

Off-topic but related links:

Slime girl transformation of a different type, namely a sped-up video of a slime girl being drawn with photoshop.

Video of the play of a Japanese slime monster video game (Monster Girl Quest) in which text prompts tell the tale of how the male hero is seduced, enveloped, and enslaved by a slime girl.

Slime inflation/explosion scene — video game fight scene where female character is pumped full of slime.

She’s assaulted by slime from her bathtub tap, but not transformed.

A pretty slime girl bottled in lab glassware.

[Faustus: Bottled Slime by ~buttercupbabyppg, which is a neat combination of mad science and slime girl themes. And she’s just adowable, too!

Tube girl/monster transformation.

I hope this is enough slime/goo/liquid transformation links for you!

Waiting for transformation

S.J. Perelman (1904-1979), who as a humorist might be the one American who reasonably bears comparison to P.G. Wodehouse, was doing Erotic Mad Science way back when. Or more specifically, in a story “Captain Future, Block that Kick!,” published in the New Yorker in 1940, he begins thus.

I guess I’m just an old mad scientist at bottom. Give me an underground laboratory, half a dozen atom-smashers, and a beautiful girl in a diaphanous veil waiting to be turned into a chimpanzee, and I care not who writes the nation’s laws.

Waving something like that in front of Dr. Faustus is like waving a red flag in front of a bull or money in front of a United States Senator — vigorous action will result. In my case, the vigorous action is more Bespoke Art, in the form of a three-illustration sequence from Russkere, whose work has appeared here before (if not recently enough) in the form of a mad science chase-and-capture sequence some of you might recall.

Here is is his sequence. A girl in a diaphanous veil, a mad scientist, and a laboratory.

A girl in a diaphanous veil about to be experimented upon by a mad scientist

Zapped with mad science energies!

Girl in diaphanous veil zapped with mad science energy

Resulting in a beautiful chimpanzee.

Beautiful girl to beautiful chimpanzee.  Long live mad science!

Creative Commons License
Waiting for Transformation Sequence commissioned by Dr. Faustus of and executed by Russkere is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

Long live mad science!