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Dr. Robo of Metrobay Comix has been a longtime friend of our enterprise over here, and work done by him and his group has often graced these pages in the past — see examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Well, they never rest over there at Metrobay, and I’ve recently had the enjoyable experience of reading what is possibly their most complex sequence of erotic mad science episodes yet: Pleasure Island.

The Metrobay creators are taking off from a classic of mad science in this 300+ page story, and in it they’ll be testing the limits of individual plasticity in ways that would have made old H.G. Wells blow a fuse. Our story begins with a Metrobay woman accepting an invitation for a cruise to Pleasure Island. (In the fictional world of Metrobay, where mind-control technologies are ubiquitous, it’s not an invitation she’s metaphysically free to decline.) Meanwhile, aboard the yacht maintained by scientific genius “Dr. Brust,” various transformations are being performed on the lovelies of Metrobay, either at the behest of her various obscenely wealthy patrons or just to gratify her own unusual and aggressive desires.

And boy howdy does our (anything-but-) good doctor manage to come up with some amazing tranformations. I could scarcely do justice to them all in single post, but perhaps I tantalize people who enjoy the sort of thing that has gone on in the Tales of Gnosis College. Dear readers, can you perhaps guess at what is going to happen next here? (Hint: remember how Jireen came into being?



Or consider what’s happening here. This one hasn’t appeared in the Tales (yet), but it should be visual fuel for some interesting speculation as to what’s going to happen to our strapped-down heroine.

Pleasure Island 172

Are the events on the cruise to Pleasure Island a bit scary, perhaps? Well, don’t try to run away. You’ll only make it harder on yourself.




And there’s a lot more, so if this is the sort of thing that appeals, by all means head over to Metrobay Comix and take out a subscription. It’s will be a cruise to pleasure, for sure.