Fusion organique


Here’s another Elvifrance cover, from it’s Série Blanche, No. 36, which is intriguing for the thaumatophile, because one has to ask, what on earth is going on here?

Are we looking at

  1. A conjoinment fantasy?  That would seem to be one obvious reading of une fusion organique.
  2. A liquid girl storyWiktionnaire gives the first definition fusion as “liquéfaction d’un corps par l’action de la chaleur” and there certainly does seem to be a bit of melting going on at the base of the illustration.
  3. Something A.S.F.R.-related even?  Women are not normally silver or gold like that.

As for the grotesque figure looming over them, I haven’t a clue.

It gets stranger from there, because there is some evidence that whatever was beneath the cover you see above was considered too naughty even to be published in France.  The index page for the cover art in the series tells us “Les n°35 et 36 sont des microtirages destinés à la commission de censure, donc jamais commercialisés.”

Which fact, of course, only makes this thaumatophile want it more.