Erotic Mad Science in From Beyond

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Barbara Crampton would have earned her membership in the Erotic Mad Science Legion of Honor on the strength of her performance in Re-Animator alone, and I’m pleased to be able to say that she re-earned it all over in another performance in From Beyond, which I just recently re-watched for the first time in many, many years.  Below is (I think) a publicity shot, which I found at Terror Titans.

Right in the middle of the movie  is a delirious erotic mad science scene with the following set-up.   Two scientists, the  elder pervert Dr. Edward Pretorious (hmm, a familiar name) and the junior neurotic Dr. Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) are conducting experiments in a dark old attic attempting to stimulate the pineal gland, an alleged source of a sixth sense.  They use a machine called the Resonator.  Things go disastrously wrong (of course), when creatures from another dimension cross over and (putatively) kill Pretorious, leading to the commitment of Tillinghast to a mental institution.

Enter psychiatrist Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Crampton), who is convinced that research on the pineal gland might hold the key to curing schizophrenia.   Tillinghast is released into her custody, and the experiments with the Resonator resume in the old dark house.

Disregarding Tillinghast’s warnings, McMichaels sneaks upstairs one night and…how to put this…caresses the resonator.

One thing leads to another and soon it’s power on!


And Dr. McMichaels soon finds herself standing in a vortex as dimensions are ripped open…but mustn’t stop!



But unfortunately bad old pervert Pretorious isn’t dead, just transformed and extra dimensional and slimy (-er).  And like all monsters from the beyond, he wants our women!



So the Pretorious creature sprouts a big mouthy thing from his head and proceeds to “kiss” McMichaels, in a way which should have vore fans squeeing with delight.


It’s a close call as our heroes manage to shut down the Resonator just in time.  Next time they wou’t be so lucky, and things will get…sort of ugly.

Definitely a movie that belongs in any thaumatophile‘s collection.