Pretty Vacant: Final Repose v. 2 preview

Progress in Research: Chapter Four, Page Sixteen
Migration continuing

John Villalino continues rolling out Pretty Vacant: Final Repose, and I am delighted to be able to offer Page Nine as a teaser:

John’s imperiled heroine Gigi is being rotated in a tube and scanned for the purpose of making a 3D computer model, a procedure which tickles me because it has a clear antecedent in a favorite mad-science movie Looker (1982), in which a character played by Susan Dey underwent a similar procedure:

The whole book is expected to be published in time for Comic-Con (July 12-15), and John expects to be around, mostly at Bare Bones Studios Booth E-7, although he may be on panels or otherwise just enjoying himself part of the time. Stop by and say hello and pick up a copy of Pretty Vacant. For extra credit, tell John that Dr. Faustus sent you!