Drake does mad science!

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Final Repose sneak peak

It’s a great pleasure to be able to announce that Drake at Medusarrific, whose work as a CG A.S.F.R.-themed comics creator we have celebrated here before at Erotic Mad Science, will be publishing a new issue of his comic with a mad science theme. And Drake has graciously provided a preview of two pages.

We start with a standard mad-science scenario.

Drake knows his tropes. Labcoated scientist? Check. Comely and restrained naked subject? Check. Weird control panel? Check.

Of course the subject did sign a waiver. I appreciate the observance of such formalities. And also that of making the subject comfortable, and with finding appropriate ways of dealing with the subject’s doubts and making her comfortable through the course of the procedure.

I for one just can’t wait to see how this turns out, and I’ll bet you can’t either, so starting tomorrow Update: it’s up now, I’ve seen it and yes, much enjoyed it, so do drop in at Drake’s place and download the new issue.