Mad Science Anniversary!

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It was one year ago today that Erotic Mad Science’s introductory front-page post went up, the one which closed with the words “So perhaps I shouldn’t say just welcome to all and sundry.  Instead, welcome friends.”

Well friends, now we’ve made it through a year.  And I feel celebratory.  And why shouldn’t I feel so?  I haven’t just seen the passage of time here.  We’ve had seven long parascripts, three paracomix chapters, 24 pieces of bespoke art (not even counting the new one in this post), and something like 379 posts go up here in the past year.  I’d say that’s a good year’s work, except that it didn’t feel like work.  It felt like fun.

There’s nothing like having a post go up every day, a little registration of yourself in the world, a little act of insubmission against all the hateful forces in the world that would render you small and insignificant and (shudder) normal.  I hope this past year will turn out to have been the first of many to come.

So in recognition of the site’s birthday, I’ve commissioned a special piece of bespoke art from Niceman, one which has to do with a mad science birth.  It’s called Chimera Genesis.

(Click on image for full-size version.)Creative Commons License
Chimera Genesis by by Niceman, commissioned by Dr. Faustus of is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

The “birth” going on here is the deliberate creation of a “chimera,” two women being made into a single one with the finer attributes of both, the thing that happened by accident to Jill and Maureen in Gnosis Dreamscapes and which here is being done deliberately by a mad scientist.  The two figures are allegorical here:  “Thauma” and “Philia,” and they are becoming Thaumatophilia.  I very much enjoy the way Niceman rendered these.  Thama looks like she might be enjoying her (apparently terminal) experience; Philia not so much, but Thamatophilia looks the sort of girl who will have a bright future.

As for Erotic Mad Science, I hope there will be a lot to look forward to.  Work is progressing on more bespoke art (comix adaptations especially), and more scripts.  (I am also hoping for more comments in the coming year, hint hint.)  And as I discover more and more fetish fuel out there, I hope to have it to present it to you all as well.

And as always, welcome friends.